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Arkance T4R
(Tools for Revit)


Collection of tools to extend the power of Autodesk Revit


Arkance T4R Ribbon

Save 50% of the time on object management, searches, and filtering

Automate repetitive tasks with a single click

Reduce manual tasks by 80%

TOP 10 Features

TOP 10 Features.png

BIMSign - Protect your projects, families or templates with invisible signature


Project Cleaner - Batch-remove unwanted elements from your projects​​​​​​​


Link Checker - Checks for updates to external references and displays a notification


Extended Filter - Detailed selection of drawing elements​​​​​​​


Level Manager - Seamless Level creation in your projects


Join Geometry - Automatically join selected categories in the whole project


Room to Floor - Generate floors for selected rooms with adjustable floor type


Import/Export Schedules - Import & Export selected tables to Excel


Copy Columns - Quick access to unique schedules values

Design Management Tools

These tools automate repetitive tasks in one simple mouse-click.

Main Benefits

  • Save time when searching.

  • Keep the overview of all valuable content and data in the project.

Time-saving example

Extended Filter tool used to quickly find an object based on specific detailed criteria saves up to more than 50% of your time to find the things you need!​​​​​​


Extended Filter

Productivity T​​​​​​​ools

These tools save time while creating objects, families and valuable information. Do more in less time by automating routines, design even more consistently and increase BIM information.

Main Benefits

  • Minimise time on repetitive tasks​

  • Consistent design

  • Decrease design errors

  • Optimize work routines​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Time-saving example

Join geometry to automatically join selected categories in the whole project or a selected part.   Next to the fact that it is a time-consuming, tedious task to do it one by one, risking forgetting a join, you can get all objects joined in just 3 clicks!


Extended Filter

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