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Build for Cost Management

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Build for Cost Management

Improve cost control, gain real-time visibility of cost-related risks, and forecast accurately by centralizing all cost activities in the cloud and within the context of the project.

Tracking costs, managing risk, and keeping a project on budget can be one of the biggest hurdles in a construction project. Finding efficiencies in this area can make all the difference in delivering a project on time and on budget.

Autodesk Build’s cost management functionality enables teams to reduce risk by managing all cost-related activities in the cloud with streamlined and
connected workflows. Teams gain real-time visibility into cost-related risk, the ability to forecast accurately, and greater accuracy on cash flow and profitability projections.

The following guide introduces suggested cost management workflows and gives context to the different capabilities built into the product, including step-by-step starter guides.

The Effective Construction Cost Management Playbook

Welcome to The Effective Construction Cost Management Playbook. This resource is a collection of the lessons from the ecourse, Effective Construction Cost Management, 4 lessons with 4 leading coaches.

The lessons include:


  • Effective Construction Cost Management: The Ball is in Your Court with Esteban Corrales.

  • Standardization: The Cornerstone of Construction Cost Control with Jake Williams.

  • Optimization: The Construction Cost Management Superpower with Josh Cheney.

  • Your Mission: Transformation through Business Intelligence with Chris Fish.


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