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The buyer’s guide to CAD for facilities layout

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The buyer’s guide to
CAD for facilities layout

Why facilities layout software matters


Check all that apply:


  • We often have to deliver new, different, or customized products that require reconfiguration of processes.

  • Smaller batch sizes are more common today than they used to be.

  • We have similar facilities around the world but we lack productive interaction.

  • We are constantly looking for ways to optimize our processes.

  • More of our facilities are moving onshore or consolidating.

  • We are facing challenging sustainability requirements.

  • We don’t have enough skilled workers.

  • Our supply chain is overwhelmed or has become unreliable.


These are some of the most common circumstances impacting factories today. The problem is that current ways of working are too siloed and too two-dimensional to address them fast enough.


That’s where the right technology makes a difference - by bridging gaps and unlocking digital, automated ways of working.

“Digital platforms are key to enable seamless coordination between the different subject matter experts involved by offering access to the latest information. Combined with the advancements in digital twin technology and simulation, we have enablers at our fingertips that offer the potential to front-load projects at a reasonable cost and thereby reduce implementation risk.”


Rupert Hoecherl, Managing Director & Partner, io-consultants


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