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Arkance T4I
(Tools for Inventor)



Arkance T4I (Tools for Inventor) is an add-on for Autodesk Inventor to boost the productivity of users by automating and simplifying routine tasks in every phase of the design process, from the first sketch to the publication of the finished documentation.


T4I builds on automation of the design and documentation tasks and on "bringing them closer" to users, so they need fewer clicks to get the job done.


Included features enhance iProperties management, document publishing, BOM manipulation, drawing annotation, access to technical support, modeling and assembly workflows.


The main set of tools of Tools4Inventor is based on several individual add-ons used in different countries (CZ, BE, PL) before being integrated into Arkance Systems.


Issues Faced:

  • Tools for specific advanced workflows may be missing, users need to search for time-consuming workarounds.

  • Some default Inventor commands are difficult to use or require multiple steps to finish.

  • Manual filling of document properties is often error-prone.

  • Manual publishing is a source of errors (omitting to publish the latest version of the design, missing some file formats key for cooperation).

Customer's Needs:

  • To speed up and increase the efficiency of the design process.

  • To minimize/get rid of routine and time-consuming tasks.

  • To always have the latest version of collaboration files like PDFs.

  • To easily reach the CAD vendor support team when needed.

Key Benefits


Increased productivity and accuracy of design engineers by:

  • Automating repetitive tasks

  • Simplifying design and documentation workflows

Collaboration based on the correct data:

  • Latest versions of published documentation are always available

Support for easy integration of other customer-developed tools into Inventor:

  • iLogic command buttons editor

Easy access to expert technical support whenever needed:

  • Integrated helpdesk tools

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