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Digitise. Connect. Capture. Visualise.


Merely facilitating collaboration between distributed teams is not enough. True changemakers drive operational efficiency and business growth by digitising the entire project lifecycle, connecting teams in the cloud, capturing the right data, and visualising optimal design to deliver positive project outcomes.

The world continues to change. The acceleration of digital transformation, a changing workforce, new compliance standards around the world, disruptive labor shortages, and increasing project complexity are driving the need to be more efficient across the board.

These factors are putting pressure on AEC professionals to better manage their projects throughout the entire lifecycle from plan through handover.

What does best in class look like?

It starts with Building Information Modeling (BIM), the foundation of digital transformation. BIM enables better ways of working that lead to positive outcomes for your clients and their communities.

Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro allows you to establish a single source of truth to help drive standardisation and consistency across teams while allowing you to collect data to be later synthesised for better decision-making ability. You can then unite workflows throughout the entire project lifecycle and identify and delegate responsibility to the right people at the right time.

BIM Collaborate Pro allows AEC firms to monitor design packages to track project progress and issues while managing roles across different parts of an organisation or multiple organisations. Digitising these workflows help customers improve operational efficiency and reduce risk.


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