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The buyer’s guide to CAD for facilities layout

Choosing software to plan, design, and validate your factory


Agility and flexibility are the hallmarks of a successful factory today

Agility (n): the ability to move quickly and easily

Flexibility (n): the ability to be easily modified

Agile, flexible factories arrive at optimized processes earlier. They accelerate review cycles. They eliminate repetitive, time consuming design tasks. They have fewer errors and less rework. They start from a foundation of accurate real-world conditions. They don’t compromise on quality.

The promise of agility and flexibility is highly resilient factories that can rise to whatever comes next. But how can this promise be delivered?

“It is absolutely necessary for us to have highly efficient and flexible factories regarding all aspects: sustainability, productivity, and global infrastructure. This efficiency and flexibility is the basis of our resilience.”

Maximilian Viessmann, CEO, Viessmann Group
Breaking Down the Barriers to More Collaborative Factory
Projects, Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, 2022

Why facilities layout software matters

Check all that apply:

  • We often have to deliver new, different, or customized products that require reconfiguration of processes.

  • Smaller batch sizes are more common today than they used to be.

  • We have similar facilities around the world but we lack productive interaction.

Operations Layout


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