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Regional Data Storage FAQ

Through our regional offerings, Autodesk is providing customers with more choice for where their project data (also referred to as “Covered Content”) is primarily stored.


1. What options do customers have for primary data storage locations for Covered Content?

For Eligible Services (reference table in question 2), Customers can select any of the following primary storage regions for their Covered Content:


  • United States

  • European Union (EU)

  • Australia


2. Which services are supported through each Region’s offering?

Autodesk Build

BIM Collaborate

BIM Collaborate Pro

Autodesk Docs*

VAutodesk Takeoff




AutoSpecs in ACC



BIM 360 Docs**

BIM 360 Design**

US, EU, Australia



US, EU, Australia










* Desktop Connector v16.x recommended for optimal experience if Docs is synced to local drive.

** For details on BIM 360 Docs covered modules/components, see here. For details on BIM 360 Design covered modules/components, see here.

3. What do we mean by “Regional” offerings (e.g., “EU” or “Australia”)?

It means that primary storage of Covered Content (defined in question 4) is available in these regions for certain Autodesk services (see question 2 for current list of Eligible Services). It does not mean, however, that Autodesk is setting up physical data centers in the specified Region.

4. What data will be primarily stored in the Region I select?

“Covered Content” (sometimes referred to as “project data”) which means the following:

  • Any files, designs, models, data sets, images, documents, or similar material submitted or uploaded to the eligible service by users, and

  • The specific output generated from use of the eligible service, if any, based on the user’s own raw data or information.

5. Will Covered Content be stored or processed only in the Region selected by the customer?

  • Covered Content (also commonly referred to as “project data”) and any related backup data will primarily be stored at rest in the region selected by the customer.

  • However, there are purposes for which Covered Content may need to be stored or processed on servers outside the selected region, such as when users or their collaborators access our services from outside the region, temporarily when using certain high-performance compute applications for processing project-related data (such as rendering and translation services) and for logging, support, maintenance, or security purposes or in connection with legal obligations and proceedings.


6. Will personal data be stored and processed outside the Region selected by the customer?

  • Currently, our systems for personal data are global, including accounts, identity, support, access, and collaboration. Accordingly, personal data, including all identity and account data, continue to be stored and processed in the US. We have legal mechanisms in place for the transfer of personal data. Please see question 21.

7. Where will Covered Content be backed up?

If you select to primarily store your Covered Content in a specific Region for an Eligible Service, it will also be backed up in that Region.

Customer Experience


8. As a new customer, how can I select the primary storage location?

At time of account activation, customers must select their primary storage location for their Covered Content. Please follow instructions available on the activation page for each Region.

9. As an existing customer with projects in the US, for example, how can I host a new project in another Region (e.g., EU or Australia)?

You will need to have a second contract manager with separate credentials and set up a new account for Eligible Services in another Region. You can continue to access previous projects created in another Region associated with your account in such Region. Please contact your account manager or partner to get this set up.

10. Is it possible to break down and primarily store Covered Content related to the same project in more than one Region?

No, covered Content is primarily stored in a single Region specific to the project. All projects and all Covered Content associated with those projects will be primarily stored in the same Region.

11. Can I migrate a project stored in one Region to another Region?

You can’t migrate an entire project from one Region to another Region. However, you can export some data from one Region to another Region using various Autodesk tools to replicate or transfer data. See item 14 for more details.

12. Can customers access their Covered Content from outside the selected Region?

Yes, a current customer, and any authorized users and collaborators in their account can access Covered Content from anywhere in the world, as long as their authorized users and collaborators have been invited and have valid credentials (username and password).

13. Will the same version of the covered products be running in all Regions (e.g., will there be a lag in deploying updates to different regions?)

In general, there will be version parity across the Regions. However, there could be exceptions for new products which will launch in one Region first during beta, and then subsequently in other Regions.

14. Can I migrate files, folders, or other project data stored in one Region to another Region?

Yes, Autodesk has various tools to replicate or transfer some data from projects hosted in one Region to another Region depending on the requirements of your business.

Autodesk supports the copying of project files and folders between regions using the Autodesk Replication Tool for Docs (ART). Customers can access ART through this sign up form.

Note: ART does not currently support versions, issues, markups, permissions, or other project data. More information on ART can be found on the help page.

Autodesk’s ACC Bridge tool does not currently allow files to be shared between regions, nor does Design Collaboration/Revit Cloud Worksharing.

There are also third-party partners who can help facilitate the migration of some data via Autodesk Platform Services. View our Integrated Partner Ecosystem for details. We also encourage customers to contact their Autodesk account team or Customer Support to help them navigate what types of data they want to move, why they are moving it, and any other timing or budget requirements they have.

15. How does the BYOS (Bring Your Own Subscription) policy change across the Regions?

Eligible Services are sold under a bring-your-own-subscription model. Each company is allowed to have the subscribed number of users from the purchasing company and can invite others from outside their company that have their own license for the Eligible Service, respectively. This BYOS policy for the Eligible Service will continue to work in the selected Region. For more information on the policy, please see BYOS for BIM Collaborate Pro and BYOS for ACC. Customers are responsible to avoid overusage and stay within their purchased limits per the contract terms and conditions. Autodesk may monitor accounts to ensure usage is within limits.

16. What will the login flow look like on the web and mobile?

Login experience on the Web will be similar for projects hosted in all Regions for the Eligible Services. The main difference is the URL used for each Region.

On mobile, a selection menu will be displayed to the user prior to entering their email address during login. Once the Region is selected, the login flow will be the same as currently exists in the app and the selected option will be set as default for future access. For additional login or technical support, see

17. As a customer, how can I set up a trial for an Eligible Service in a Region? What happens if I want to convert my trial account into a commercial account?

Customers willing to start a trial can start their trial using the following link:

Click Learn More to find out about each product and Try Now to sign up for a trial. You can convert your trial account to a subscription account in a particular Region if you start your trial via the same Region.

18. How do I access the regional storage location?

Customers creating projects using certain ACC platform solutions can choose to primarily store their “Covered Content” in either the US, EU, or Australia. Sign in experience will be similar to customers currently hosting their projects in the US with the difference being the URL used:




Privacy and Security


19. I am concerned about US government surveillance of my project data. How does Autodesk address my concern?

Autodesk secures all customer data from any unauthorized access. Further, Autodesk is committed to transparency and publishes the Autodesk Transparency Report covering requests we receive from government agencies for the disclosure of customer data for law enforcement purposes and the procedures we follow in responding to them. That report shows that we have historically received very few requests. From February 2023 to January 2024, we received 2 subpoenas and 8 government requests relating to customer data, and from February 2022 to January 2023, we received 1 government request relating to customer data.

20. What are the security processes and procedures implemented to protect my data?

Autodesk is committed to building trust, securing customer assets, responding to security incidents, and protecting customer data. We use a combination of process, technology, and security controls and collaborate with industry partners to deliver a robust security program. To learn more, visit our Trust Center:

21. How do Autodesk’s EU regional offerings address the concerns of EU customers about transfers of personal data outside the EU?

Autodesk has legal mechanisms in place for the transfer of personal data from the EU. For details, please see our Privacy Statement, Trust Center (Onward Data Transfer), and GDPR FAQs. Autodesk also relies on Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) for international transfers which can be accessed on the Autodesk Trust Center. You may also request a Data Processing Agreement or Addendum (DPA), which addresses cross-border data transfers. Customers can request a DPA through the Trust Center under the heading “Legal terms.”

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