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Self-Paced Training | VinZero A2K Technologies
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Self-Paced Training


Thousands of expert-developed training assets

Pinnacle Series includes a wide range or training resources. Discover thousands of courses, videos, documents and workflows for engineering software such as Autodesk Civil 3D, Revit, Microstation, AutoCAD, BIM 360 and more - all made by industry professionals.


Pinnacle self-paced learning

Improve your team’s knowledge and efficiency with one of the best e-Learning solutions available today! Pinnacle Series e-Learning offers comprehensive content catalogues, covering a wide range of AEC & Manufacturing software and topics. Inside, you’ll find thousands of training videos, documents, learning paths, and other resources, enabling both long-term employee training and on-demand problem-solving. All content is created by experienced engineers, architects, and manufacturing industry experts who use this software and are well-equipped to pass their knowledge on to others.


Looking for e-training on?

Autodesk Revit | VinZero A2K Technologies


Pinnacle’s Revit software training will help you master this Autodesk tool. The training course offers ten learning paths, consisting of 45 courses, 12 workflows, and 450+ documents and videos ranging from help with basic training, production workflows for all disciplines as well as advanced topics.

Autodesk Civil 3d | VinZero A2K Technologies

Civil 3D can be challenging to learn but is a very useful software. The training program can help you become more adept, thanks to the four learning paths, consisting of more than 40 courses, three workflows, and 300+ videos and documents in our content library.

Autodesk Bim 360 | VinZero A2K Technologies
BIM 360

Full range of training in all aspects of BIM 360 are provided. This includes BIM 360 Build, Coordinate, Design, Docs, Plan, and Management. The BIM 360 training includes 24 learning paths, consisting of 6 courses, 25 workflows, and 130+ documents and videos.


Pinnacle’ training program for Bluebeam can help you master document collaboration. The training includes one learning paths, consisting of five courses, two workflows, and 100+ documents and videos to improve your skills.


Custom content

Appoint administrators and subject-matter specialists on your Pinnacle platform to gather the best information from your most experienced team members. You can upload the content and assets such as internal documentation or training videos to turn Pinnacle a full knowledge source for your employees. Editing any of Pinnacle’s content to fit your needs and company guidelines is also possible.

Custom Content | VinZero A2K Technologies
Training | VinZero A2K Technologies

Interactive social features

Users are able to like, share and comment on every content in your Pinnacle Series e-learning platform. The data is only shared internally within your company. Administrators can make private Work Groups to share certain project data without making it available to all internal Pinnacle users. You can add external users such as subcontractors to the groups, enabling them to join projects without accessing the whole e-learning interface.

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