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Top reasons product design engineers choose Autodesk

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A time of accelerating change

With an increasing focus on user-centric design, sustainable product
lifecycles, and the integration of smart products, designing products for both industrial and consumer use has become more complex than ever.

Today, design and engineering companies are struggling to bring new products to market in a competitive timescale against headwinds of disruption in the supply of materials and components and the hiring (and retaining) of skilled labor.

The challenge for designers and engineers is to accumulate a broader range of specialized knowledge, consider a wider context of information from a broader range of sources, and satisfy customers with products that are sustainable, customizable, and connected.

Using collaborative and integrated software tools, design and engineering companies can become more agile to better respond to the fluctuating market and facilitate a new digital transformation. Such transformations depend on automating processes to release capacity for innovation–so companies can focus on providing higher-quality products and services to their end customers within a reduced lead time.

“Over the next three years, the manufacturing industry needs to prioritize trade skill development and supply chain diversification. Widening the supply chain by supporting more raw materials suppliers and regional hubs that fabricate critical components will create more competition in the market, business opportunities, and jobs. It will also ensure that the industry will still be functional if there are supply chain disruptions.”

Samantha Snabes, Co-founder, re:3D Inc.

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