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Training for you and your teams 


Boost your team's technical capabilities

The importance of people and their respective skills is never more clear than when an organization is attempting to grow or win new business. It begs the question: Do you have the right people with the best skills to succeed? Sometimes, the question is simpler: How do you make your existing people more efficient? 

Modular Virtual Training

Modular Virtual Training

Do the CAD & BIM skills of your staff match your business objectives?


KnowledgeSmart’s online assessments are designed to assess capability and identify skills gaps. They cover a broad range of Computer Aided Designed (CAD), Building Information Modeling (BIM) and engineering software programs used by AEC & M firms worldwide.


The smartest of Recruiters, HR Offices & Project Delivery Managers are using KnowledgeSmart to evaluate candidates and confidently place resources, to develop efficient & targeted training and to be confident of the team’s ability when pitching for and winning new projects.

Knowledge Smart

Embark on an innovative learning journey with VinZero's modular virtual training courses. These comprehensive instructor-led training sessions cover a variety of technology tools used by professionals in the Built Environment sector.

Our modular approach is guided by finely-tuned Learning Pathways for specific professional roles, structured into Essentials, Intermediate, and Advanced skill levels to ensure a targeted and well-defined progression in digital proficiency.

Guided by Autodesk Accredited Instructors (where applicable) from various industry sectors, each carrying years of hands-on software experience, you will actively engage in practical exercises, refining your abilities within authentic scenarios and gaining the essential skills to confidently excel in your chosen domain.

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Explore our Learning Pathways for : Architecture, Structural Engineering, Building Services, Civil Engineering, Plant, Manufacturing and Sustainability.

Most popular 


Revit Architecture l

Essentials- Building PLUS

Gain the fundamental skills required to work effectively in Revit – this course covers essential workflows and concepts, empowering you to create and edit 3D building information models in Revit.

Recently added 


Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro

Explore the extensive capabilities of BIM Collaborate Pro - learn how to collaborate in the cloud with your team and work with other stakeholders throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Trending now

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Closer to Zero | Essentials - Sustainability Fundamentals

Embark on a sustainability journey with our Closer to Zero workshop series -  acquire essential knowledge about climate change, sustainability, and net zero targets.

VinZero is committed to empowering individuals with knowledge. Our Learn Without Limits membership is designed to help you thrive by providing access to an unlimited number of virtual courses for
12 months. Whether you are a student, professional, or lifelong learner, our virtual academy offers a wide range of courses to suit your needs.

Just in time

Just in Time Project-Specific Training

Discover the transformative potential of VinZero's Just in Time project-specific training, an innovative approach finely tuned to the evolving demands of your projects. This training solution is designed to provide your team with the exact skills and knowledge they need precisely when those skills are most relevant.

Our tailored approach ensures that your team members receive targeted instruction that aligns seamlessly with the intricacies of your project, eliminating unnecessary training overhead. By focusing on the immediate needs of your project, VinZero maximizes efficiency and effectiveness, empowering your team to excel with precision. With Just in Time project-specific training, you'll elevate your project outcomes while optimizing resource allocation, setting the stage for unparalleled success for your business.

Advanced training Solutions

Advanced Training Solutions

 In today's dynamic world of digitalization, an employee's technological proficiency is especially crucial when integrating new technologies into your business. Our training team can help boost your team's technical capabilities, allowing you to maximize the return on your software investment.

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