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Win The Bid for
Sustainable Construction

Operational emissions from the Built Environment must undergo a rapid decrease.


In this webinar we bridge the gap between digitalization and sustainability and reveal the opportunities to improve sustainability of your projects utilizing the Autodesk Construction Cloud Platform (ACC).


Join us to unpack the following topics: 


  • Environmental impact of the Built Environment on our planet.

  • The net zero commitments for our sector.

  • The holistic view on sustainability: People, Planet, Profit.

  • The ability to utilize ACC for tracking data to improve sustainability reporting on construction projects.

  • How to step closer to net zero with VinZero – our interactive workshops on sustainability to quickly upskill you and your team.

Date: 13th of July 2023
Time: 11am - 12p


Our Facilitators

Michael Kain
Technical Consultant

Mike Kain is a Professional Services Consultant – specializing in the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform and associated tools. Mike is responsible for working with customers in the construction and related sectors who are undertaking their journey into digitization. 


Mike has over twenty years of experience within the technology sector. His experience is backed by a range of formal education and certifications, including a Diploma in Systems Administration, CCNA, and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. Mike is a technology subject matter expert focusing on the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform. Mike has graduated from IBM’s Software University and Global Sales Schools.

Dr. Dorota Bacal
Sustainability and
Innovation Lead - ANZ

Dr. Dorota Bacal is a Sustainability and Innovation Lead at VinZero in the ANZ region. She holds a PhD in Renewable Energy from Monash University, a BEng and MSc in Applied Physics from the University of Rzeszow and a PGCert in Sustainable Business Management from the University of Cambridge.


Dorota helps the Built Environment and Manufacturing industries DESIGN and BUILD with sustainability in mind and SOLVE the net zero challenges that they face. She supports VinZero’s clients in growing their internal proficiency within sustainability space to meet expectations of the decarbonizing market.


Dorota is a certified emissions accountant, with expertise in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Throughout her career, she supported numerous Australian and global large energy users and greenhouse gas emitters in designing their sustainability strategies and developing action plans to achieve net zero.

Launching Closer to Zero with VinZero sustainability workshops

Sustainability proficiency has become an essential skill for every professional. Gain valuable insights and practical strategies to tackle the pressing challenge of decarbonization with VinZero's Closer to Zero workshop series, designed to help you win the bid for sustainable projects.


Courses include:  


  • Sustainability Fundamentals

  • Accounting for Emissions

  • Green Energy

  • Sustainability Masterclass

ACC Data Insights for Efficiency and Sustainability


Collaborate for streamlined certification and environmental compliance reducing rework waste and increasing profits

Reduce rework, waste and raw materials consumption

Optimize project timeline to reduce the transportation emissions, fuels, energy and water consumption

ACC Data Insights for Efficiency and Sustainability-V2.png

Utilize dashboards to enhance the
environmental performance of the projects


Communicate safety standards from office to field for all project stakeholders

Connect real-time cost data with carbon budgets for your projects

Autodesk's Construction Cloud (ACC) is a fully integrated platform covering your entire project Life Cycle: from design and pre-construction to construction and project handover. The cloud-based nature of ACC makes it easier for project teams to communicate and work together, leading to better productivity, greater efficiency, emissions savings, and higher quality project outcomes.


Customized PowerBI dashboards, developed by the VinZero’s technical specialists seamlessly integrate with ACC, helping you de-risk your projects, focus on safety and well-being of your workers, and track your emissions live, revolutionizing project management and driving efficiency and profitability to new heights. 

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