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Andrew Partington Careers at VinZero A2K Technologies

Andrew Partington


Three things I do everyday in my role: 

  1. Communicate verbally and by email to develop relationships with customers 

  2. Solve or escalate administrative, setup and technical issues 

  3. Use systems, databases and acquired knowledge to facilitate a positive user experience 

The best part about my role at VZ A2K is the people, exceptional customers, and an excellent team. I really enjoy the most in my role is being the go-to person for my customers and working within a team where we support each other to do this.

Three things I do everyday in my role: 

  1. Read sustainability related news to gather information for articles or white papers

  2. Research and invite interesting people to participate in conversations on the built environment via podcasts, round tables, or events we will be hosting soon

  3. Write content for articles such as Green Review, Sustainability Shorts, white papers on the latest policy trends affecting the built environment

I am given a good degree of autonomy to be creative and to develop my role. I really enjoy meeting and connecting people, hosting conversations that matter and writing about a topic that interests me. I am also innovative and a thinker. This role allows me to bring all my skills and abilities to serve the planet on a whole new level.

Joanne Gallagher Careers at VinZero A2K Technologies

Johanne Gallagher


Mike Kain Careers at VinZero A2K Technologies

Mike Kain


Three things I do everyday in my role: 

  1. I engage with a range of the leading construction businesses around the Australia and New Zealand assisting them to improve their current processes.

  2. A significant amount of my time is invested in configuration and testing some of the world’s leading construction technology solutions.

  3. I travel to meet clients, attend events, present solutions, and engage with the thought leaders in the construction in Australia and New Zealand. 

The individuals that I get to engage with on a daily basis is the best part of my role. Each and every person in the company I engage with is passionate about their role, their contribution, and the company itself. This enthusiasm is contagious, motivating, and inspiring.

Three things I do everyday in my role: 

  1. I assist our customers and clients with technical support solutions both re-active and pro-active. 

  2. I train new and existing clients how to best utilize their CAD software applications to achieve productivity and efficiency gains.

  3. I manage and report on customer created service tickets to ensure customer queries are managed correctly and in the most efficient manner.

Working with a team of highly skilled professionals who have a genuine interest in providing value added solutions to our clients.  Working with a global organisation means that opportunities to collaborate with a variety of clients from many aspects of mechanical Engineering in turn means a variety of work and opportunities to expand my skills. 

John Pitcher | VinZero A2K Technologies

John Pitcher


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